Transportation FAQ

Will school buses cross the picket lines?

TDSB school buses will continue to service the University and cross the picket lines.

What transportation resources can I utilize during the strike?

York University encourages community members to commute to campus by public transit or by carpooling. Consult the York Transportation Services website  for updates and options regarding campus transportation during the labour disruption. The York U Shuttles (Glendon-Keele, GO Train and Village Shuttles) are operating from their regular bus stops.  Please visit the Glendon-Keele Shuttle website to view a modified schedule to allow for more travel time to cross picket lines. Please consult your transit service provider’s website below for specific details and schedules regarding transportation during the strike:

If you require accessibility vehicles, please note that Wheel-Trans (TTC) and Mobility Plus (YRT) will continue to service their regular stops on campus during the day and in the evenings, but students should factor in more time to get to campus.

Passengers who use Wheel-Trans or Mobility Plus services should call their service provider, if they have any questions or concerns about transportation to and from the university. Every attempt will be made to assist students with disabilities to minimize transit difficulties due to the labour disruption.

Anyone with mobility issues who requires assistance getting to/from the temporary bus stops can contact

For information about the goSAFE service, visit the goSAFE website.

Can I use the entrance to the CanLan Ice Sports Arena complex to avoid picket lines?

The CanLan property should not be used as an entrance to the University.  Community safety during the strike is a top priority for the University. The CanLan laneway is a designated fire route.  The recent increase in traffic using the laneway combined with picketing, has resulted in cars blocking this fire route, causing a potential safety hazard. Compounding this situation is that during the March Break, CanLan is running hockey camps and tournaments which has also significantly increased the volume of traffic. 

We would suggest the best way to have unobstructed access to the Keele campus is to use the subway.