CUPE 3903 Units 1 and Unit 3 Return to Work

To all Tutorial Assistants, Course Directors and Graduate Assistants who are members of CUPE 3903 Unit 1 and Unit 3

Dear Colleagues, 

The Royal Assent of the Back-to-Class Legislation (BTCL) officially ends the CUPE 3903 strike of Units 1 and 3. We appreciate that there is much work to be done to build the type of collegial relationships needed for all members of the community to recover from this strike and begin to work together on resolving the issues facing higher education. We are committed to undertaking those efforts. As our immediate priority, we look forward to welcoming all of you back, and to working with you to complete the 2017-18 academic session and begin preparing for the academic year ahead. 

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York Provides Revised Offers To CUPE 3903 Unit 1 & 3 – June 28

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated June 27, 2018 and to forward revised offers for Units 1 and 3. We understand the impact this strike has had on the entire York community and are disappointed that we continue to find ourselves at this impasse. At my request, we tabled sector-leading offers to avoid a strike in the first instance, and at each opportunity to work with a mediator to try to resolve the strike – Greg Long on March 20, William Kaplan during his three-week appointment as Industrial Inquiry Commissioner in April, and Kevin Burkett on June 2 – we tabled improvements to our offers as a good faith demonstration of our commitment to try to reach a settlement.

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York Letter To CUPE 3903 Requesting Settlement For Units 1 & 3

We are pleased that contract faculty in Unit 2 voted last Thursday and Friday to accept the University’s offer, with referral of outstanding issues to interest arbitration, to end the strike. It would however be far better if a settlement could be reached for Units 1 and 3 without any further unnecessary delay in view of their important contributions to York students’ learning experience but also in the interests of starting the post-strike reconciliation work that needs to be done together as a community.

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York welcomes decision by CUPE 3903 Unit 2 to ratify the Memorandum of Settlement and return to work on Monday

We are very pleased that contract faculty in Unit 2 voted to accept our offer and return to work. We recognize and truly value the contributions that contract faculty make to teaching and learning at the University and will be working with them to facilitate as efficient a return to work and engagement in remediation as possible.  

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