Bargaining Update

A Message to All Full-Time Faculty Members

To all Full-Time Faculty Members

Dear Colleagues, 

The Royal Assent of the Back-to-Class Legislation (BTCL) officially ends the CUPE 3903 strike of Units 1 and 3. We appreciate that there is much work to be done to build the type of collegial relationships needed for all members of the community to recover from this strike and begin to work together on resolving the issues facing higher education. We are committed to undertaking those efforts. As our immediate priority, we look forward to welcoming all of our colleagues in Unit 1 and Unit 3 back. 

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A Letter to the York community from the President and Vice-Chancellor

Now 86 days into the strike and 25 days since the release of the Industrial Inquiry Commissioner’s Report, we truly hoped to have reached agreement with CUPE 3903 long before this point on a path to resolve the impasse.  We are acutely aware of the hardships the continuation of the strike has caused for our students, their families and all members of the York community.  It is especially regrettable as there was no need for this strike in the first place and, once started, for it to continue as long as it has. We are not alone in our assessment that the parties are divided on fundamental principles that underlie the key strike issues, and that interest arbitration is now the only way to bring an end to the strike. This was also the assessment of the Industrial Inquiry Commissioner, which was then endorsed by the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development and, most recently, yesterday by the Premier. There is still a path available to us to bring an expeditious end to the strike. We remain committed to making every effort to engage the three Units of CUPE 3903 in discussion to resolve any issues we can, and

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A message to CUPE 3903 members regarding classroom disruptions

We have been receiving reports that CUPE 3903 is trying to mobilize individuals to deliberately disrupt classes next week.  It is surprising that anyone would, at any time, deliberately attempt to interfere with student learning in this way. It is even more remarkable that such conduct would be contemplated just a couple of days after the University called on CUPE to join us in denouncing bullying and disrespectful behaviour including disrupting classes.

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