Letter From York University To CUPE 3903 Bargaining Team

May 8, 2018

Dear Chelsea and the CUPE 3903 Bargaining Teams,

We believe we are in agreement that at this point, further continuation of the strike is not in any of our interests. The Commission Report confirmed that the only solution to resolving our impasse is to get the help of an independent, third party to resolve the outstanding issues in a fair way.  We are again reaching out before time runs out to extend our offers of consensual interest arbitration, including a back-to-work provision guaranteeing pay for remediation work in an amount no less than 85% of the compensation for the Winter Term.

While we have not heard back directly from any of the three CUPE 3903 bargaining teams, we have made modest revisions to the offers we sent yesterday in light of the implementation issues raised on the CUPE 3903 web page (please see attached).

The window is fast-closing for us (11:59 pm Thursday May 10th) to end the strike and be able to avoid further negative impacts for your members and more hardships for our students.

The University still hopes to be able to provide as full a range of course offerings as possible for the summer.   Should this effort to end the strike by Friday not succeed, however, the University will need to go ahead with a reduced summer curriculum on the basis that CUPE 3903 members will not be available. This situation would be most unfortunate, as it would negatively affect many students as well as the University and your members.

The same window is also closing on our ability to maintain our proposed back-to-work pay provision and on the feasibility of running a conversion exercise in 2017-18.

Should you have any questions about our offers, please do not hesitate to ask for clarification.  Our intention is to provide a consensual path to arbitration that reflects our on-going commitment to find resolution where we can on those issues identified as being important to your members.  It  is for that reason that we made the offers we did – a clear definition of awards that could be offset against the Fellowship and a sexual violence survivor fund to be administered by the Union -- even though we are well aware that those changes on their own would not resolve the impasse, and the assistance of an arbitrator will be needed to resolve other issues.

We look forward to hearing from you by the Thursday midnight deadline.

Simon E. Mortimer

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Memorandum of Settlement Summary For Unit 1

Memorandum of Settlement Summary For Unit 2

Memorandum of Settlement Summary For Unit 3