York’s Response to Unfair Labour Practices Complaint

We have reviewed the Union’s unfair labour practice complaint. The complaint is without merit and the University welcomes a quick Labour Board ruling.

On the specific issues in the complaint, our full response to the Labour Relations Board is linked below. But in brief we can state:

The University is not seeking concessions. The number of conversions per year is negotiated anew in each agreement for each academic year and has gone up and down over time. If the union truly believes that the University position is a concession then we urge them to reconsider their position and accept our offer of interest arbitration.  Interest arbitrators do not grant concessions.

The University is negotiating with CUPE 3903 for the employees represented in Unit 3. We even improved our Unit 3 offer on Tuesday in an effort to settle. The issue is that the Union is attempting to bargain for non-employees whom they do not represent. This is what we have told them is improper and in bad faith. The University chose not to file a bad faith bargaining complaint on this to the Labour Board so as to focus on resolution of the strike and yet now the Union has raised this issue, we welcome the Labour Board’s opinion.

The University has not and does not register or control the domain name CUPE3903.com. On March 16th 2018, we informed CUPE of this, through the mediator, in writing.  As a result of a simple WHOIS search, we learned the domain name was available for purchase and registration, and also informed CUPE of that, through the mediator.

Click here to see York’s full response to CUPE 3903’s Labour Board complaint.