Summer 2018 Session

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Are summer session dates changing?

Summer courses for SU and S1 began on May 22, 2018 (with the exception of courses that have received exemption from Senate Executive). Summer course offerings have been reduced as a result of the labour disruption. The revised course timetable is available on the Course Timetable Search website..

The official exam period for the SU term has been extended to August 31, 2018.

Summer term dates and approved exceptions to those dates can be found online at

What Summer 2018 session undergraduate courses are continuing as scheduled?

SU and S1 Summer 2018 Session courses began on May 22, 2018. The list of offerings are greatly reduced from what was originally planned, and is available on the Course Timetable Search website. If you are already enrolled in summer courses within the list provided, those enrolments have been maintained.  You can proceed to add and/or drop based on the course offerings provided.  Those enrolled in courses that are no longer be offered have been notified.

How can I enrol in new courses for which my suspended courses are prerequisites?

Normally, students take prerequisite courses in prescribed sequences. Senate Executive is urging programs to exercise maximum discretion when students seek permission to enrol in prerequisite courses simultaneously or out of sequence as a result of the labour disruption, so you should proceed to enrol in summer session courses.

I want to register for summer courses. Can I also apply for OSAP?

Yes. York University is accepting and reviewing summer OSAP applications. If you are planning to register in Summer courses and need to apply for financial support, complete the summer OSAP application to receive your summer OSAP funding as soon as possible.

For courses with delayed Summer 2018 study period start dates, please note that York is currently working with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development to expedite the release of your OSAP summer funding through your Summer Confirmation of Enrolment. You can expect your Summer OSAP application to be processed (and Summer funding to be released) up to three to four weeks after the start of the Summer session.

For information about eligibility and the processing of the summer OSAP application, visit the OSAP website.

The course(s) I planned to take this summer are no longer being offered on the modified Summer 2018 session schedule. Can I enrol in courses at another university (host) and have those undergraduate credits transferred toward my York degree/certificate?

Yes. York has always provided students with the option to enrol with another institution to complete credits towards your York degree/certificate. If you wish to enrol in another university, you must first apply to the host institution and then be granted a Letter of Permission (LOP) by the Office of the University Registrar. Please review the Letter of Permission website ( for complete details.

I already have scheduled commitments and plans (e.g. travel, leaving the country/city, employment, childcare, etc.) beginning after the term ends. What will happen if the term is extended?

Once the strike ends, there will be further options available to those who want or need to complete the remainder of their course material. We intend to provide a variety of flexible options for completing the term, including completing the remaining in-class weeks of courses. However, we know that many of you will be unable to attend rescheduled classes due to commitments including jobs, returning home, participating in exchanges or internships, and so on. You should feel free to embark on these activities. Following the end of the strike, a variety of learning options and changes to the kind, weight, and types of assignments will be forthcoming to enable those who wish to complete outstanding course work to do so.

Can I still drop my summer session courses without penalty?

As a result of the delayed Summer 2018 session start date, the last day to drop a Summer 2018 session course without penalty has been extended.

If my Summer 2018 courses are cancelled due to the labour disruption, will I receive a full refund?

Yes. If your courses are cancelled, you will receive a full refund when you drop the course. Information about the status of summer courses will be made available with enough time for students to drop courses before the deadline in order to receive a full refund.

What will happen if I drop courses and change to a part-time student due to the strike? Will it impact my OSAP eligibility?

Dropping courses may result in changing from full-time to part-time status. Students should be aware that changing from full-time to part-time status may result in changes to OSAP eligibility. To be eligible for OSAP funding, undergraduate students without a permanent disability must be enrolled in at least a 60 percent course load (at least 9 credits in each term) and undergraduate students with a permanent disability must be enrolled in at least a 40 percent course load (at least 6 credits in each term).

Student Financial Services has informed the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) of the labour disruption at York University, but students are still responsible for updating their OSAP student profile if they drop courses.

Will I be on academic probation due to the interruption of course work?

No, students will not be placed on academic probation due to the interruption of courses. Students are encouraged to explore all course relief and accommodation options on the Labour Update website. Students always have the option to complete their courses according to the original syllabus when courses resume.

I am currently living in a York residence and I am enrolled in full year and/or Winter 2018 courses that have been suspended/I chose not to participate in academic activities during the disruption. What should I do while I wait for the Winter term to resume?

We understand that you need to move ahead with your summer plans, and encourage you to do so. If you have already left your residence accommodations but not yet returned your keys, please do so. If you have left the residence but need to retrieve your belongings, please contact your residence to make arrangements for doing so. Should you require accommodations once the labour disruption has ended, in order to return to complete your Winter term courses, please contact the Housing Office for information.

Will any programs or activities be available for students who arrive early before the start of the revised Summer 2018 session start date?

If you are living in residence, Residence Life is offering additional programming to bring students living in residence together – we’d love to see you out at these events.  Housing Services is mindful of the impact the labour disruption is having on students, including those living in residence. A residence door-knocking campaign has been organized to connect with residents, check in on their wellbeing, answer questions they have or direct residents to resources, and discuss upcoming exams. Talk to your Don or visit your residence Facebook group for more information. This is also a great time to take advantage of workshops available on campus through various departments, such as the Career Centre , Learning Skills Services  and Student Counselling & Development.

Students looking to stay active can visit Tait McKenzie.

International students can participate in events hosted by York International.

I cannot reschedule my travel plans that were booked before the decision to delay the summer start date. Can I move into residence before the delayed summer start date?

If you will be living in York University residences during the Summer 2018 session, you may move into your residence room before the summer start date. Students who have already applied for residence may move into residence rooms by the start date indicated in your tenancy agreement.

I cannot reschedule my travel plans that were booked before the decision to delay the summer start date, and I need a place to stay until summer courses begin. Does the University provide short-term housing?

York University Housing Services is also providing accommodation options for students who have not applied to live in residence for the Summer 2018 term. Students may apply for Summer Residence for the full academic session or may live in residence for the short term up to the start of Summer 2018 courses. Please visit the Housing Services website for information about short-term housing options.

I live in a York apartment. Do I need to request an extended stay or will the labour disruption impact my housing arrangement?

Residents of York Apartments are on monthly contracts and do not have a deadline of when you have to vacate, so the extended term will not affect the housing agreements of residents of York Apartments. If you would like to vacate your York Apartment residency, all leaseholders of the York Apartments are required to provide 60 days of notification prior to moving out by submitting an Agreement to Terminate a Tenancy Form N11 to the Housing Office.

I am a student enrolled in Fall/Winter 2017-2018 session courses and I am experiencing increased stress and anxiety. Am I able to access Student Counselling & Development during the Summer 2018 session, even if I am not enrolled in courses?

All York University students who are enrolled in Fall/Winter 2017-2018 session courses and/or Summer 2018 session courses are eligible to access Student Counselling & Development for services this summer. If you have not accessed Student Counselling & Development services before, you will need to book an intake appointment.

To schedule an intake appointment, students must visit Student Counselling & Development (SCD)in N110 Bennett Centre for Student Services (SCD does not schedule intake appointments over the phone or allow others to book intakes on behalf of a student). Students requesting an intake appointment will be asked to provide some demographic information and the appointment will be scheduled. At peak times during the year, students may have to wait a short while for an intake appointment.

When you go to Student Counselling & Development to book your intake or crisis appointment, please let the front desk know if you are or have been registered with SCD in either term.  Students who will be registered for Fall 2018 courses but who are not enrolled in Winter or Summer cannot book an intake appointment until later in August.

I am an international student. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the delayed Summer 2018 session start date?

International students should contact York International with questions you may have regarding the delayed Summer 2018 session start date, including inquiries about study permits, housing, programming for international students and more.

Should I reschedule my flights or travel plans in light of the delayed summer start date?

The University is aware that many students have booked flights and travel plans starting at the end of term and is working to enable students to complete their term. Students who have a pre-purchased air tickets to leave Toronto after April 23 and are enrolled in suspended courses should attempt to change the departure date to no earlier than May 30 if possible. If you elect to change your flight, the University will be making bursary support available. Please see the Financial Aid & OSAP section for more information.

Will the revised summer session dates affect my study permit?

The revised summer session dates will not affect your study permit. If you have questions regarding immigration, student visas or study permits, please contact a York International advisor.

I am attending York University’s English Language Institute (YUELI) for the summer. Will my YUELI course take place during the labour disruption?

Please be advised that YUELI courses are not affected by the labour disruption and will continue to take place at the previously scheduled times. Please review the YUELI website for more information or contact a YUELI representative at:, +1 416 736 5353.

I am planning to defend my thesis or dissertation during the Summer 2018 session. Will my defense proceed as planned?

If you have a defense already scheduled, it will proceed as planned. If this presents difficulties for you, please contact to discuss postponement or relocation of the meeting space.