Graduation FAQs

Stay up to date
Make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information to ensure that you are receiving official emails from York University about matters concerning your student record and financial status. If you have unsubscribed to York’s email service at any time (note we’re not talking about email), you can resubscribe by sending an email request to Please include the preferred email address that is on your student record in your request. Verify or update your contact information.

I am a graduating student and need to know more about provisional grades. Where can I find that information?

You can find additional information about provisional grades on the Provisional Grades for Graduating Students landing page. If you have more questions, please reach out to your Faculty’s dean’s office.

NEW: What are the dates for Convocation?

June 2018 Convocation is proceeding as scheduled, June 15 to 23, 2018. Please visit the Convocation website for ceremony details.

UPDATED: I’m expecting to graduate in June but still haven’t received a graduation decision. What’s taking so long?

The University is in process of evaluating eligibility for those students who have applied to graduate and are prioritizing graduating students for forthcoming remediation activities and for assessment of outstanding grades. A number of course completion options have been created to help students complete their requirements and graduate on time. Please review the “Course Completion Accommodation” section of the FAQs for a complete list of options.

Your Dean’s offices have been working hard to review records and render decisions.  We will be updating your graduation status shortly.  You may receive an invitation to attend convocation in advance of your decision showing.  If you do, it means you’re good to go and can RSVP.

If there are significant outstanding issues that affect your eligibility, you will hear from your Dean’s office to discuss what is required to advance your completion.

Additionally, students who have applied to graduate and are on track to complete their requirements may request a letter confirming their eligibility to support requirements they may have for this verification.  The form to request letters is available here:  While students may be anxious about their ability to complete, in a normal academic cycle, these decisions are available on transcripts

Where is convocation taking place this summer?

All convocation ceremonies will take place at York University. Specific information on the location, parking and shuttle bus, as well as information on seating and the reception can be found on the York Convocation website.

What should I know about arriving at my convocation ceremony during the labour disruption?

The current labour disruption at York University is resulting in traffic congestion and time delays at our Keele campus. While the Aviva Centre is owned by Tennis Canada (i.e. private property), Shoreham Drive will be overcrowded and should be avoided. For your comfort and convenience, Convocation guests, students, and faculty are encouraged to take the subway to one of our two new TTC stations on campus: the York University or Pioneer Village station.

We are also pleased to offer free shuttle buses around campus to facilitate movement to and from the Aviva Centre for the ceremonies. While limited complimentary parking is available in the Black Creek Pioneer Village parking lot and in our Founders East parking lot, it is advisable to use public transit or a vehicle drop-off.

During this labour action, we encourage everyone to remain patient and to allocate extra time for travel. Convocation is a time for celebration and we are endeavouring to provide the best service for everyone at this special time.

I have graduation photos scheduled during the labour disruption. What happens if I do not want to cross the picket lines to attend my graduation portrait session?

Graduation portrait sittings are offered through different suppliers based on Faculty and college. Please visit York Convocation to identify your portrait provider. If you do not want to cross picket lines to attend your portrait session, please contact your Faculty to see if alternate portrait arrangements are available. Please note that if you are able to take the subway to York University or Pioneer Village stations, you will bypass the picket lines.