Graduation FAQ

Will students who are scheduled to graduate this spring be able to do so?

The University is committed to taking all possible steps to enable students to complete their program requirements in a timely fashion, and is aware of the particular needs and concerns of students intending to graduate this spring. Accommodations will be determined for any work that remains incomplete, how the term will be completed, and when examinations will take place in courses that experience some interruption.

I have registered for June convocation. What should I know about my graduation status during the labour disruption?

To maintain your current graduation status, it is imperative that you remain enrolled in your classes and complete your requirements. Consult this website regularly and register for e-mail updates to stay informed about labour disruption developments. If you have questions regarding your program, direct your questions to your Faculty.

I have graduation photos scheduled during the labour disruption. What happens if I do not want to cross the picket lines to attend my graduation portrait session?

Graduation portrait sittings are offered through different suppliers based on Faculty and college. Please visit York Convocation to identify your portrait provider. If you do not want to cross picket lines to attend your portrait session, please contact your Faculty to see if alternate portrait arrangements are available. Please note that if you are able to take the subway to York University or Pioneer Village stations, you will bypass the picket lines.