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Stay up to date
Make sure we have your most up-to-date contact information to ensure that you are receiving official emails from York University about matters concerning your student record and financial status. If you have unsubscribed to York’s email service at any time (note we’re not talking about email), you can resubscribe by sending an email request to Please include the preferred email address that is on your student record in your request. Verify or update your contact information.

How will the CUPE 3903 labour disruption affect students?

The University remains open and the Summer term has begun. We are continuing to provide as many services as possible.

The University expects that all full-time faculty will carry out their duties and responsibilities at the normal times and places scheduled.

Are summer session dates changing?

Please review the Summer 2018 Session FAQ pagefor information about summer session dates and enrolment information.

How will I receive information and updates during the labour disruption?

During the labour disruption, the University will send information to all students by email and post FAQ updates on this website. The Labour Update website will be the authoritative source of information. The frequently asked questions (FAQ) section provides the most up-to-date and accurate information about the labour disruption. CUPE will also update their website.

How can I find out whether my class will be meeting?

You have two options for checking course status: and

You may also call the relevant department or school for course information.

Are University course directors or departments in contact with students?

Many professors and course directors will contact students about the status of specific courses; however, if you have not heard from your professor or course director please refer to my.yorku.caand for details.

Who can I contact if I have Faculty-specific questions (for example, programs and degree requirements, course completion and course relief options, course status, etc.)?

If you have Faculty-specific questions about your program, degree requirements, course completion options, etc, please contact your Faculty representative listed below.

Arts, Media, Performance & Design
Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services

Laura Crane
416-736-2100, ext. 20053

Environmental Studies
(416) 736-5252

(416) 487-6715

Associate Dean for Students
Parissa Safai
416-736-2100, ext. 20896

Lassonde School of Engineering
(416) 650-8215

Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Osgoode Hall Law School
Assistant Dean, Students Mya Rimon
Associate Dean (Students) Benjamin Berger

Schulich School of Business
Student & Enrolment Services
(416) 736-5303

Student Academic Services

What are York students’ academic rights during the labour disruption?

York University Senate policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of students during a strike and provides students with the choice not to participate in their academic activities. For those making this choice, it provides immunity from penalty, reasonable alternative access to materials covered during their absence and reasonable extensions of deadlines. These rights do not relieve the student of the responsibility for mastering materials covered, nor guarantees students the same learning experience that they would have received.

In particular, section 2 of the Policy states:

2.1 Academic Integrity

In the event of a Disruption, the primary obligation of Senate is to ensure the academic integrity of all programmes. No dilution of standards normally expected of students should be permitted and there should be as little diminution as possible in the instructional or supervisory support given to students.

2.2 Fairness to Students

2.2.1 Students who do not participate in academic activities because:

  1. a) they are unable to do so owing to a Disruption, or
  2. b) they choose not to participate in academic activities owing to a strike or lock-out on campus

entitled to immunity from penalty, to reasonable alternative access to materials covered in their absence, to reasonable extensions of deadlines and to such other remedy as Senate deems necessary and consistent with the principle of academic integrity.

2.2.2 Such remedies shall not alter the academic standards associated with the missed activity, nor shall it relieve the student of the responsibility for mastering materials covered.

2.2.3 The availability of a remedy under this policy does not guarantee students the same learning experience that they would have received in the absence of a Disruption.

How long could this labour disruption last?

The University is committed to reaching an agreement with CUPE 3903. Visit this website for the most up-to-date and accurate information about the labour disruption.

What happens to my academic year if some of my classes are suspended?

York University will determine the options for completing courses and finalizing grades.

Students will be notified in advance through all available communications channels.

Will my classes, labs and tutorials be cancelled as a result of the labour disruption?

Some classes, labs and tutorials will have to be temporarily suspended. Decisions regarding suspending classes, labs and tutorials will be made on a case-by-case basis, as circumstances require. The University will accommodate and support all students, including those whose studies are interrupted.

You can check the status of your academic activities through and

What can I do to help ensure the timely completion of my courses?

Visit the Course Completion Options/Assessed Grades FAQ pagefor information on various options.

I'm in a program offered jointly by York and Seneca. Will my classes at Seneca@York continue during the labour disruption?

Seneca@York will maintain normal operations and Seneca students are expected to attend classes as scheduled.

What does “remediation” mean?

Senate policy uses the term “remediation” to describe “accommodations for students, modifications of normal academic regulations, and adjustments in class and examination schedules” and it states that “the completion of courses will involve a combination of such changes.” Some academic options have already been announced, such as an extension of the date by which to drop a course without receiving a grade. Other options are always available to instructors and students, such as deferrals.

When the strike ends, how long will it take before we know when suspended courses will resume?

You have the right to timely information regarding changed requirements, rescheduled academic activities and remediation procedures at the conclusion of the strike. The Senate Executive Committee will widely circulate information about labour disruption updates, including any changes to session dates, remediation, accommodations, or other information that affects your progress via email, York’s Labour Negotiation Update website, messages on University websites, social media and by other means as soon as it is available.

What will happen with assignments and in-class tests when classes resume?

Instructors will help re-orient students to their studies and discuss options and possible changes with them before and during the first class.

There will be a cushion period before assignments are due and tests are re-set.

I’m a parent and I’m concerned about the academic impact on my child. Who can I discuss this with?
If you have questions or concerns about the impact of the situation on your child’s learning experience, please contact the VP Students, Lucy Fromowitz, at

Will my course Moodle sites remain operative during the disruption?

Moodle will remain operative throughout the labour disruption. However, we encourage you to check and to verify the status of your courses.