Faculty & Staff FAQ

How will I receive information and updates during the labour disruption?

All information and updates will be communicated via this website. This website will be the authoritative source of information. You can also subscribe to email notifications of developments using the form on the homepage and sidebar of this site.

How can I view whether a course is active or suspended?

York community members with a valid faculty or staff Passport York account may access a report by clicking here to view the messages visible to students about the status of any course affected by the strike.

In the event of a strike, can employees who are not on strike join a picket line?

Yes, provided that this does not occur during the employee’s scheduled hours of work.

I am opposed to crossing picket lines. In the event of a strike do I still have to come to work?

The University requires all employees who are not in the striking CUPE 3903 bargaining unit, to continue to work during a labour dispute. If picket lines impede your access to campus, please contact your supervisor or manager for direction.

In the event of a strike, what happens if an employee faces threats or use of force by picketers or witnesses such acts on the picket line?

Employees should not engage in any confrontation with picketers. If you are not allowed through the picket line, or if you feel threatened, you should immediately withdraw and report the incident to their department manager or supervisor and the Operations Centre 416-736-5151.

In the event of a strike, what if an employee gets hurt crossing the picket line on his/her way to work?

As with any work-related injury, the employee should seek immediate medical attention if required and then report the incident to your department management supervisor and York Security at 416-736-5333.

In the event of a strike, what happens if an employee is unable to cross the picket line or is significantly delayed?

Employees may be delayed and are encouraged to wait until they can safely pass through the picket line. If you are not allowed through the picket line, or if you feel threatened, you should not become involved in any arguments or type of altercation.

Leave the situation and contact your management supervisor and report the incident to the Operations Centre (OC) 416-736-5151. The OC may suggest an alternate route through the picket line, where possible.

Are employees not on strike required to attend work?

Employees in other bargaining units and non-bargaining unit staff are required to attend work as scheduled during a strike.

In the event of a strike, are employees allowed to work from home in lieu of attending work or work modified hours?

No. Employees are required to attend work as per their scheduled hours of work. If you have any questions pertaining to a specific situation, please contact your management supervisors.

In the event of a strike, what if an employee has previously booked off vacation, sick, or personal time?

The University will honour previously booked vacation time, personal leave, and leaves of absence.

However, new requests for time off will be governed by operating requirements consistent with the terms of existing collective agreements or policies governing the employment relationship.

Please contact your management supervisor if you have any questions. Employees who call in sick may be requested to provide a medical certificate.

Will employee training initiatives be continued in the event of a strike?

Yes. Training sessions scheduled through Talent Acquisition and Development (TAD) are expected to continue during the strike. If there are questions about particular sessions, please contact TAD at ext 40774 or visit the TAD site.

For Health and Safety training through HSEWB, employees can confirm in-class training by contacting extension 55491.

In the event of a strike, what happens if an employee makes a health and safety claim?

Employees are expected to attend work. If an employee reports that they feel they cannot cross a picket line for health and safety reasons, you should report the concern to the Operations Centre as well as your management supervisor.

Will modified duties and/or hours applied to a non- striking employee through an accommodation plan continue in the event of a strike?

Yes. Any modified duties and /or hours applicable to non-striking employees as part of an accommodation plan will continue.

In the event of a strike, what if an employee has mobility issues?

Concerns around mobility issues should be directed to Nicole Arsenault, Manager, Transportation and Student Services (ext 55866) or visit the Transportation Services site.

What if an employee represented by CUPE Local 3903 also holds another position in a unit that is not on strike?

Employees will be required to report for work as scheduled in the position that is not subject to a legal strike.

In the event of a strike, what happens if impromptu rallies, protests and “flying pickets” are organized?

If this happens the offices of the Vice-President Finance and Administration (ext 55160), AVP Campus Services and Business Operations (ext 55530) and the AVP Human Resources (ext 55155) should be notified.

Where do I go to receive updated information regarding negotiations?

This site will be updated regularly.

In the event of a strike, where do I direct student inquiries?

Please treat students with care and compassion, as normal. To ensure students receive timely and correct information, student related inquiries should be directed to:

The Division of Students 416-736-5955 or ext 55955 or by email to vpstdnts@yorku.ca

At the Glendon Campus, student inquiries should be directed to the following areas:

  • Student Financial Services – 416-487-6701
  • Academic Services & Academic Advising – 416-487-6715

Where can I go to have other questions answered?

Please contact your management supervisor for direction.