Faculty & Staff FAQ

NEW: What are my obligations if I have been scheduled to teach in the summer?

Colleagues who are scheduled to teach in the summer as part of their 2018-19 teaching load are expected to do so unless the course is not being offered or they have a documented conflict between their teaching assignment and a prior research or other commitment as a result of the adjusted summer term dates.   As a principle, any colleagues in either of these circumstances will be expected to make up the course in the 2018-19 Fall or Winter Term.  Decisions not to offer scheduled summer term courses require the agreement of the Dean or Principal.

NEW: Does the Senate Policy on Academic Implications of Disruptions or Cessations of University Business Due to Labour Disputes or Other Causes (“the Senate Policy”) apply during the summer terms?

The Senate Policy on Academic Implications of Disruptions continues to apply during the strike.  Given that students who enrol in the summer terms will be doing so with knowledge of the continuing strike, we do not anticipate that many students would elect/need to seek accommodation under the policy.

Based on the planned summer offerings, we also expect that the courses themselves will be able to run to completion. In particular, it is expected that faculty who have not presented a valid reason for not teaching an assigned course will run their course at the scheduled time and place to its conclusion in accordance with Article 11.01(a) of the YUFA collective agreement.

How and when should I submit final grades to help students complete their courses?

The grades module (GAM) has opened to allow instructors or departments to upload grades as soon as they are available.  Note that on the GAM landing page it may still indicate a date of April 30 as last date to enter grades. This is a system-driven date but it will be modified once we have more information about sessional dates.