Will there be a strike?

When will we know for sure if there will be a strike?

Have there been strikes in the past and how have they affected the school year?

What is CUPE 3903 and who do they represent?

What are contract negotiations all about?

When does bargaining with CUPE 3903 begin?

Is bargaining public?

Are you bargaining with other unions at York?

Where can I get information on what is happening?

What does York University want in the new contract?

What is a concession?

Is York asking for concessions from the union?

What accommodations does York make for employees or students who need to breast feed their children while on campus?

How is York prioritizing financial support for teaching assistants, without extra work ?

What is interest arbitration?

What steps is York taking to support survivors and address sexual violence?

Is any of the work done by CUPE 3903 workers precarious?

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