CUPE 3903 Member FAQ

In the event of a strike will I receive my regular pay?

No. Effective the first day of the strike, pay will be halted for striking employees represented by CUPE 3903 Units 1, 2 and 3. Pay will not resume for employees who remain on strike.

In the event of a strike am I able to return to work even if the strike has not ended?

Employees represented by CUPE Units 1 or 2 may declare their desire to return to teaching activities by completing an on-line form as explained in FAQ #3 below. When submitting a declaration it applies to all of an individual’s teaching assignments. Note that submitting a declaration does not automatically mean that one’s teaching assignments will resume. Any teaching assignments need to be approved by the relevant Faculty before resuming.

Decisions about the resumption of teaching activities during the labour disruption will be made on an assignment-by-assignment basis. Some, or all, of an individual’s teaching assignments may remain suspended throughout the labour disruption. Individuals will be advised by email of the decision(s) as well as details on assignment resumption dates (if applicable).

In the event of a strike how do I complete the on-line Declaration Form to indicate my desire to return to teaching activities?

Unit 1 and 2 CUPE 3903 members can declare their intention to work using this webpage: CUPE 3903 Unit 1 and Unit 2 Declaration page. When you click on the link, you will be asked to log in using your Passport York username and password. You may use either your student Passport York username and password (which you use, for example, to register for courses or log in to Moodle as a student) or your employee Passport York username and password (which you would use, for example, to get a classlist for a course you teach).

If you think you already have a Passport York username but don't remember what it is and/or you don't remember your password, please go to "Manage My Services" and click on the appropriate link under "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD OR USERNAME?"

If you do not have a Passport York account, you may obtain an employee Passport York account by going to "Manage My Services" and clicking on Employee Sign Up under "NEW TO PASSPORT YORK?". You will need to know your employee number and your S.I.N.

If I declare to return to work and my teaching assignment is approved to resume do I get paid?

For any approved teaching assignment(s), CUPE 3903 Unit 1 and 2 “declarees” will be paid and will receive benefits based on the expired 2015-2017 collective agreement.

Will my scholarship and research assistantship funding be continued in the event of a strike?

Yes, scholarship and research assistantship funding will continue as these sources of graduate student funding are not covered by the collective agreement with CUPE 3903.

Does the Senate Policy on Academic Implications of Disruptions or Cessations of University Business Due to Labour Disputes or Other Causes prohibit CUPE 3903 members from returning to work in the event of a strike?

No, the Senate Policy states that students who elect not to participate in academic activities due to a disruption will not be penalized. The Senate policy does not apply to employees.

In the event of a strike, who should I speak to about my strike pay?

Please contact CUPE 3903. York does not process strike pay.

In the event of a strike, who should I contact for other information.

You can get information at the following locations:

  • Health, Safety and Employee Well Being
    General inquiries ext 55491 - your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate individual.
  • Student related inquiries should be directed to the Division of Students at 416-736-5955 or ext 55955 or by email to
  • Transportation
  • Operations Centre (general inquiries not related to the areas above) 416-650-8010