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  • Key Information

  • Is the university open?

    The University remains open. All classes that can continue will continue. Libraries, residences,  restaurants and other food outlets, administrative offices and other university facilities will remain open.

    Some classes, labs and tutorials will have to be temporarily suspended. Decisions regarding suspending classes, labs and tutorials will be made on a case-by-case basis, as circumstances require. The University will accommodate and support all students, including those whose studies are interrupted.

    The University expects that all full-time faculty will carry out their duties and responsibilities at the normal times and places scheduled. Faculty members are encouraged to work with departments and/or Deans offices to address any concerns about the academic integrity of courses.

    Students will be able to get specific, regularly updated information about their classes, labs and tutorials by visiting the courses section of my.yorku.ca, or at www.yorku.ca/coursestatus.

    For information on specific services and facilities, please visit the specific services websites:

    Keele Campus Glendon Campus

    Could crossing the picket line put me in possible physical danger? 

    You are not at any risk if you decide to cross the picket line as long as you follow common sense and some basic rules:

    • Be polite.
    • Be patient.
    • Do not attempt to force your way in.
    • Do not insult the picketers.
    • Do not become involved in any arguments or type of altercation.

    The University is open. Students, faculty and staff who are not involved in the strike have every right to cross the picket line.

    Threats, intimidation or physical violence by any member of the York community, including CUPE 3903 members, will not be tolerated. The University will take fast and appropriate action to deal with any incidents on the picket line.

    If you have a problem, call our picket line hotline 416-736-5151.

    For information about if you need to cross picket lines, or how to do so, please refer to our complete FAQ on Picketing.

    Click here to read our Picketing FAQ.

    How do I get information on the status of my courses?

    Students will be able to get specific, regularly updated information about their classes, labs and tutorials by visiting the courses section of my.yorku.ca, or by going to www.yorku.ca/coursestatus.

    What are York students’ academic rights during the strike?

    York University Senate policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of students during a strike and provides students with the choice not to participate in their academic activities.

    For more information please click here. 

    How is transportation on campus affected?

    For specific information on public transportation see our Transportation FAQ.

  • Latest Updates

    Strike Updates

  • University requesting resumption of bargaining with CUPE 3903 on Tuesday March 20th.


    In the best interests of our students and the York community, the University, through the mediator, informed CUPE 3903 that it is prepared to return to the bargaining table with the mediator’s assistance on Tuesday March 20th

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  • Just the Facts

    What is the strike issue regarding Graduate Assistants (GAs) in CUPE 3903 Unit 3?

    CUPE 3903 represents approximately 3,000 employees, about 2,000 of whom are graduate students, mainly doctorate students who have teaching assistantships. The other employees are contract faculty members.

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  • Bargaining Updates

  • Negotiations now ended


    Negotiations that began last fall and continued with a mediator present since January are now ended.

    Click here to see York's Final Offer to CUPE 3903.

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